Newsletter 8-1-2019

We are going through the students skills with numbers and letters. 

I am amazed at how many children know them, as I said last week. We did many little reading jobs and sounds. The children make the sound of the letter vs. the name.  So going forward, try to refer to the sound, as they can learn to read so quickly this way.
Devyn: reading 3 letter words and tracing metal insets.
Jonah: reading farm word labels
Logan: loves doing sounds, we have to translate to sounds from name of letter
Etta: can read
Violet: doing easy addition writing the answers with Jase
Adelyn: helping some children to read 3 letter words
Sebastian: soo happy to be friends with Lorenzo and Ryan
Maisy; loves learning sounds, remembers so well, learning smooth and rough
Nicholas: super friends with Etta all week…I asked him to include the new children and he is making them feel very welcome
Adelo: would hold the guinea pigs all day if he could
Gino: is a builder, whether it’s wood, magnets, or other, he s building and using marbles
James: loves learning sounds, also learning smooth and rough, beading.  He cant sort button colors because he eats them!!
Ripley: I bought new insect books this week, so you know what he is doing!
Austyn: Puzzles, building, she loves the tiny objects for vocabulary.
Lorenzo: farm job everyday, reading farm labels for nouns
Cade: very busy, he loves to help Libby, plays well with Adelyn on the farm job.  They did bring me the……animal game and had to read the adjective to get the correct animal.
Today pasta making went smooth as a button.  We stay outside all morning until the dough has been cut into lingini. I made ithe dough in my kitchen last night as i do not have the strength to make it all by hand anymore.  It’s just egg, flour , salt and water. We had  enough for all children  to eat as much as they needed.  Most had a few Meat balls.  We eat family style.  I liked how many children said: may I have the sauce please, or please pass the Parmesan cheese……excellent examples!!!
Ice Cream: We made Pumpkin pie ice cream last week, this week we made chocolate mint, Miss Erin’s class made Cherry Vanilla.  Children can choose either flavor for dessert.
Super fun week….the slip slide has an extended plastic sheet now, so the go off onto the grass now.  I will add another 10 feet for them on Monday.  Etta, Nicholas and Alexia are super slippery and go far.
See you Monday!!……please bring an old (dad’s) tube sock and a plastic soda bottle, qt size for a fun toy.

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