Lakeshore Montessori Vancouver Preschool & Kindergarten

Montessori Method

The Montessori method is the single most widespread pedagogy in use today. It is an approach to education that maximizes each child’s individual drives and strengths, using materials that stimulate self-teaching. We are excited to continue the esteemed Montessori tradition here at Lakeshore Montessori Vancouver Preschool and Kindergarten.

Global Community

The carefully arranged traditional Montessori classroom allows children to self-select lessons and exercises in the core Montessori areas of practical life, sensorial education, mathematics, language arts, botany, zoology, geography, music and art. In addition, our vibrant and joyful Lakeshore classrooms focus each term on the cultures, ecological systems, arts & crafts and languages of a different continent. At any given time we may be learning Spanish, Swahili, Japanese or Chinese!

Local Involvement

We often invite local area artists and scientists to visit our classroom and share with the students, building their connection to both the local community and to the world.

Music & Sports

Weekly music classes by a Music First teacher certified in the Orff Method are included in our program and we have after school soccer available through the much loved Soccer Shots.

There is always something new to do, learn, or explore at Lakeshore. And, almost every student learns to read by the end of preschool!

About Montessori

AMI Certified Directress / Lead Teacher

Aftercare & Summer Program

Actively Involved Community of Families

Onsite Music and Soccer Classes

Open House

February 5th
10 am to 12 pm

COVID-19: I will take 2 adults(only) per family through the 2 classrooms on a first come basis.
We will space out limited visitors and allow extra time so everyone can get through safely.
At this time children are not invited. Hopefully next year!!!

The first step towards enrollment is to schedule a classroom observation by emailing or by calling (360) 573-4103

At this time: We enroll fully vaccinated children.

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