At Lakeshore Montessori 

We offer an exceptional Montessori program for children from ages 2½ through 6, including optional aftercare and summer school. Established in 2006, Lakeshore Montessori Vancouver Preschool & Kindergarten is located just minutes from Downtown Vancouver.

Montessori is an approach to education that maximizes each child’s individual drives and strengths, using materials that stimulate self-teaching. The carefully arranged traditional Montessori classroom allows children to self-select from lessons and exercises in the areas of practical life, sensorial education, mathematics, language arts, geography, botany, zoology, geography, music and art. In addition, at Lakeshore we focus each term on the cultures and ecological systems of a different continent. We also learn languages that go with each continent. At any given time, we may be learning Spanish, Japanese or Swahili!

We regularly invite local artists and scientists to share with the students, enhancing their connection to both the local community and to the world. Alongside the esteemed Montessori preschool & kindergarten curriculum, the children also spend a lot of time outdoors, playing, digging, exploring, riding bikes, and helping care for the school garden. 

The school’s director, Miss Katrina, is AMI certified and has a Masters degree in Education. She makes it her mission to ensure that every child who is ready becomes a reader before finishing preschool – which means that almost every Lakeshore student learns to read before they reach Kindergarten age!

Admissions Information

The first step towards enrollment is to schedule a classroom observation by emailing or by calling (360) 573-4103